The K-Factor is the monthly magazine of the NSRCA (pattern SIG).  More information can be found at  Lance has been the District 6 VP since 2003 and writes a column often filled with how-to's and building tips.  Here are a few of his articles.

A Head Start on Headers - proper setup for O-ring exhaust headers on 2-stroke engines

Proper Teflon (PTFE) Coupler Installation - My instructions make installation simple and quick.  Done right this is the last coupler you will ever need.

Ultimate Battery Back-up Flightpack System - light, simple, foolproof system with flexibility.  An alternate view on the same subject can be found at Red Sholefield's Battery Clinic site at under "Parallel Operation"

Perfect Pull Pull slots with a Laser - finding the exact place to cut slots is one job those laser lines are good for

Perfect OS16FX Engine Setup for pattern competition - supersedes the Perry pump method and simplifies it too.

Become a Greaser and never lose your Bearings - use of grease in engines can improve bearing life and extend the life of other components too.