Exhaust Systems


AeroSlave UltraLight Pipe

Price: $xxx Weight: 2.1 oz. - exact same outer dimensions as regular pipe, but lighter


Shipping for one pipe, when ordered alone is $12. Click here for more data.


Here's a picture of the current production model.  Note the aluminum inlet lip to hold the coupler and the angled stinger.

Tuning Information: We are collecting tuning data on a variety of engines to be able to offer a datasheet with the product.  I have data for the Mintor 170, OS140RX and the OS160FX.  Click HERE to view this info online.

AeroSlave pipe details:  The angled stinger is part of a molded endpiece.  We did this because we found that hobby store stingers weighed half as much as our whole pipe!!!  This is insane, so with the angled stinger all you need is a lighter silicone extension.

The inlet is an aluminum tube overwrapped with carbon fiber to 20mm, but the inlet has a 1/8" lip at 7/8".  This is our best idea to help hold the pipe on its coupler, especially if you put a tie wrap behind the lip.

Our AeroSlave pipes are smaller than most others, have a deeper throaty sound, and produce large amounts of linear power.  Ask around, on the NSRCA list, or on RCU to get feedback from the few that already have them.  

After watching (and experiencing) carbon pipes fall apart with the slightest abuse, we began experimenting with other manufacturing options.  Although successful in raising the temperature resistance, increasing strength and lowering weight, the manufacturing costs were just too high.  However, after lining up better suppliers AeroSlave has introduced a cf pipe for the large 2 strokes.  This has several manufacturing improvements over anything else on the market and should make them as durable as aluminum. 

Warranty: Pipes are warranted for one year for defects in manufacturing or failure to perform when operated within its operational limits.

Operational limits: AeroSlave pipes have been extensively temperature and load proven in pattern flying applications which include throttle management during each round trip of the box and engine break-in runs where the mixture is set extremely rich.  Extended runs at peak power settings, lean runs and engine backfires place stresses on light carbon fiber pipes that can exceed expected operational parameters.