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We are located just North of Dallas, Texas, USA.  All mail and payments go to:


4408 Elmhurst Dr

Plano, Texas  75093   USA


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Shipping charges vary and are kept to a minimum.  Feel free to use these estimates for US destinations or send an email for a more accurate cost.  If we can stuff smaller parts in the existing boxes, there's no extra charge.  If not, you may need a custom shipping quote.

is another way for us to enjoy this hobby.  We think we've been able to advance the state-of-the-art a bit in a few areas and we want to share this with the pattern community.  Drop us a line at 

Lance Van Nostrand ( )


Lance is a member of both the North Dallas RC club, and the Richardson Radio Control Club.  He's been vice-president and contest director at RRCC.  He's a current flight instructor and has interests in scale, racing, pattern, IMAC.  Lance is a software system architect at Kodak, which is not directly related to pattern, but he's a really good builder.  You may have seen some of his contributing articles in RC Report or the KFactor.

Gray Fowler ( )


Gray is the president of the Richardson Radio Control club and is a flight instructor.  His interest is in pattern and pattern.  He's an epoxy chemist at Raytheon and brings unique knowledge of composites and materials to AeroSlave and you.