PBG carbon fiber wing tube option available for additional $45!

Shipping a Kit (click HERE for details):

It's always been our goal to ship our kits safely and at the lowest cost possible.  This has resulted in several damaged kits, that have been repaired or replaced.  There's nothing worse than spending 20 hours over several weeks on a kit for a caring modeler only to have a post service destroy it in a matter of hours.  Therefore we have upgraded our shipping service.  Kits now come in a wood framed box.  We will still only charge the cost and therefore will be less than others, and we have had no reports of damage for some time.

"Two days ago I rec'd Symphony..I must compliment you and crew for great boxing job. I hope you made templates for all that wood, because the Fuse was recv'd without a mark on it.  I just Love a Symphony..I love the way that ship Looks.
 PS: a friend had a large IMAC plane shipped to him... The cost: $350 plus boxing cost! So what you guys did is a big bargain, just another "AEROSLAVE ADVANTAGE"
Yours Truly,

The Aries was designed by renowned pattern pilot Mike Harrison.  It's larger wing design gives a wide speed envelope and great stability.  It's slow flying characteristics and stability at all speeds makes flying complex sequences easier.

The Symphony is our entry for the top end, serious pilot.  It's 3-D CAD design and CNC machined plug produced perfectly symmetrical molds of very high quality.  It also has complex flowing lines that you won't find anywhere else.

Both kits come with detailed instructions for all important building steps, mechanical drawings and tracings of key parts.