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Pattern addicted competition composite aircraft manufacturers.

Located near Dallas, Texas, USA

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Customers: AeroSlave has scaled back operations due to time encroachment of other things (kids, new jobs, etc).  We thank you for all your support and continued interest in the unique products we developed.  Until things change and swing back this way we will not be taking orders from the web.

Erik Newsholme - 1st Advanced

Lance Van Nostrand - 7th Masters

Marcio Jorge - 1st Intermediate


We supply competition-grade planes, accessories, and engines for precision aerobatics and anyone else serious about performance.  Our planes are all designed for the latest AMA Precision Aerobatics sequences and FAI.  

Under Tech Data you can find a few of his better How-To's and a knowledge base on our kit materials.

"Hi Lance, I've just received the kit a few minutes ago, 
and Its GREAT. Thanks a lot, wounderful job, you were right, the wings are fantastic " --Wilfredo 2007

"Lance, The way you make your fuses is special.  They are tough and ding resistant.  Other brands, made with foam or urethane, don't last as long.  I either have to live with their dings or reinforce them and add weight. Even the more expensive ones.  Not only that, but being able to use CA on the fuse makes building faster." -- Art W

Lance Van Nostrand and his new Symphony

Symphony and designer Mike Harrison at 2005 Nats Finals

AeroSlave Hall of Fame

Click image for larger version

  Competitors? No, pattern promoters!! Rare shot of the U.S. kit manufacturers having fun at Nats site 4.

Mark Hunt - InsightRC

Lance V - AeroSlave

Mike Hester - Custom Airframes

Gary Courtney - RC Model Enterprises



Check out the new CNC precision milled Mintor accessories (See Accessories link)

What's so special about 7g of Carbon Fiber??  Click on image to find out.

Check out the new Mintor and AeroSlave exhaust system products (See Exhaust Systems link)

Our foam kit parts are all CNC cut.  We have a program now to cut replacement Brio wings/stabs. 


The kit I got far exceeds my expectations.  It is truly great.  I've read your instructions and found them easy to follow and they really add to the whole experience for me.  The engine is truly a work of art as well.

Thanks again,
Jim" ----TX customer 12/15/04

"Lance, Got the wings today, they are absolutely superb." - George K---CA customer 10/6/04

"It was quite a job to get both kits to the airport, through the X-ray machine and on to the airplane. We then had a fifteen hour flight back to Johannesberg South Africa, one of the longest non stop scheduled flights in the World.
Believe it or not both kits came out the other side with no damage what so ever, a testament to the fantastic box that you guys made." - Neil

Send an email to discuss any of our products.  We are both enthusiastic RC hobbyists and are here for fun.  Contact us with this link => Contact Us


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